Thursday, 7 April 2016

Fish is for fish

F is for fish, family, fingers and the word "for" and this is what the children have been working on this fortnight.

The children have enjoyed the story The Rainbow Fish (one of Riley's favourites) and from this story they have created a beautiful sea collage with their own rainbow fish.

In Time to Talk, Lynley has been focussing on their feelings. How you feel, what makes us happy & sad, how we look when we are happy or sad. All the children have a good concept of happy/sad.

Monday, 4 April 2016

The letter "t"


This fortnight we have had based our programme on the letter "T" and the words "the" and "to"

The children have done some fantastic craft work creating teddy bears and tigers, the tigers were done using the shapes, triangles and rectangle.
We continued the triangle shape activities by making toast cutting in half to create triangles and pizza making a circle into triangles pieces.

 We were lucky to have a session with Sally, Occupational Therapist from Special Ed this week, she taught the game children Matman which helps children learn about their body parts, functions also includes counting and turn taking.

Our sessions now are finishing with Jump Jam which all the children are throughly enjoying, with thier favourite being Gummy Bear.