Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Kindy Sausage Sizzle

Kindy Sausage Sizzle

With last years kindy sausage sizzle being such a success we decided to do it again this year, with a slight change of introducing a baking treat for the children and staff.

We started with Dylan and John helping to purchase the baking ingredients with a visit to Countdown.
Then the children had such a busy baking day helping us make Chocolate chip biscuits, Afghans, Weetbix slice and shortbread. This was a day of measuring, weighing, mixing and the odd licking of the bowl - especially Riley.

The following day they took all their baking treats and (with the help of Lissa and Hollie cooking the sausages) they handed out them to all the children and Kindy Staff and then we all got to do our Karakia and enjoy our lunch together.

This was a fantastic day for the children to interact with the local kindy and to be part of the community.  Some of our children went to this kindy, so it was a way for them to revisit and recall memories they had made there.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Welcome Back Term 2

Welcome back to Term 2 😄

Hope you all had great holidays, and already the children have told us about some of the fun things they got up to on their holidays.

Our programme this term has changed slightly with the introduction of  the PMP (Perceptual Motor Programme) programme which concentrates heavily on the development of perceptions and language through physical and verbal activities.
This programme will be done weekly on a Tuesday in the hall, we will post updates and photos 

We will also continue with Time to Talk programme with Lynley running this.

Our letter of the week will still continue and we will start the new term off with the letter Bb, so our learning and  actitivies will be based on this letter.

We have organised a sausage sizzle for the Bromley Kindy in week 3 and all the Orrs children will participate, this will include baking biscuits and helping on the day with the sausage sizzle.

Please feel free at anytime to come and see the wonderful work the children are doing.

Denica, Christine and Lynley

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Fish is for fish

F is for fish, family, fingers and the word "for" and this is what the children have been working on this fortnight.

The children have enjoyed the story The Rainbow Fish (one of Riley's favourites) and from this story they have created a beautiful sea collage with their own rainbow fish.

In Time to Talk, Lynley has been focussing on their feelings. How you feel, what makes us happy & sad, how we look when we are happy or sad. All the children have a good concept of happy/sad.

Monday, 4 April 2016

The letter "t"


This fortnight we have had based our programme on the letter "T" and the words "the" and "to"

The children have done some fantastic craft work creating teddy bears and tigers, the tigers were done using the shapes, triangles and rectangle.
We continued the triangle shape activities by making toast cutting in half to create triangles and pizza making a circle into triangles pieces.

 We were lucky to have a session with Sally, Occupational Therapist from Special Ed this week, she taught the game children Matman which helps children learn about their body parts, functions also includes counting and turn taking.

Our sessions now are finishing with Jump Jam which all the children are throughly enjoying, with thier favourite being Gummy Bear.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Welcome to Tua Ke Tamariki 2016

 Welcome back to Tau Ke Tamariki we have started the year off well and the children have settled well back into the program. There has been some changes this year and one is the introduction of Time to Talk.

Time to Talk is a programme focusing on listening, conversational skills and understanding vocabulary. The programme includes a character called Ginger Bear and his family and friends, this creates a animated fun way of learning for the children.

We are basing the programme in fortnightly blocks on a choose letter from the alphabet and our learning activities will be focussing on this letter.

The first letter was " L" and the high frequency word " look" the children have produced some fantastic work including leaf tracing, making lions, recognising and writing letter.

The children all have their own alphabet books which we will work on throughout ther year, please feel free to come in and have a look at their books and all the fabulous activities they are doing.