Sunday, 22 November 2015

Term 4 week 5 & 6 Body Awareness

What a fantastic 2 weeks we have had, and the highlights for them would have to be for the children to help organise, prepare and participate in our kindy sausage sizzle. The children were involved in the whole process of making a grocery list, visiting the supermarket, preparing the bread and serving up sausages to the kindy children and teachers.

We have also been focusing on body awareness and have been doing lot of activities to do with know our body and how it works. 

Just a reminder of upcoming adverts :
Wed 2nd December 12.30pm.  Shared lunch with children & whanau
Wed 9th  December   Visit the Christmas Grotto 

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Week 4 Term 4 Revisiting Our 5 Senses

This week the children have revisited all of the 5 senses. 

We have done a self lead program this week with revisiting activities that the children have enjoyed doing over the last 10 weeks. We have done a few samples for the portfolio to see what the children have learnt about the 5 senses.

We will be visiting the Bromley kindergarten  on Tuesday the 10th of November to put on a sausage sizzle. The children will be helping to serve the kindy children.

We have also been planning a trip to the Christmas Grotto on the 9th of December which I am sure the children will enjoy very much.

We are heading into Body Awareness next week , and have a number of activities the children will enjoy.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Smell - Term 4 week 3

It's week 3 and it is great to see the children have settled back in routine and enjoying their singing, stories,feelings, physical and group activities. This week we have been focusing on the sense smell, we have discussed and shared ideas on different smells the children know. The children have done a collage of different smells and also made scented playdough and bath bombs. 
Next week we be recapping the 5 senses and the children have chosen some activities they would like to do again. 
The children's portfolio books are filling up with some great stories,photos and artwork they have been doing. Please feel free to visit and have a look at these books
This term is a busy term with some fun excursions for the children, we will send notices when all dates are confirmed. 
The first one is doing a sausage sizzle for the Bromley Kindy, the children will make a of ingredients that we need and visiting the supermarket then help us on Tuesday 10th November at the kindy. 

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Term 4 week 1 & 2 Taste

Welcome Back after our term break. We have enjoyed our first two weeks back. The children have been enjoying all things to do with taste.
It was great to see the children all be courageous and try all the food we had for the taste testing. We had a number of flavours including bitter, sweet , sour , salty and textures soft and hard.
We have also done a number of baking activities including face biscuits, hamburgers and fruit kebabs.
The children have enjoyed a wee animated movie on you tube about The Very Hungry Caterpillar and made a display for it, which showed their colouring and cutting skills.
We are continuing on with our senses and are doing the last sense smell next week.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Week 9 & 10 Seeing

What a amazing 6 weeks we have had with the children. The children enjoyed there trip to the sensory room and was great to see the excitement in the faces. We have been working on activities around seeing . The children have enjoyed a number or experiments. We have also done some gardening around the school to help with keeping the school beautiful. We are looking forward to getting back after the term break and continuing with the senses topic.